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Driving range information for electric vehicles

Both the range and maximum speed data on this website are obtained after testing under realistic, average conditions. Several factors affect the actual driving range, such as load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions, terrain and driving style of the driver. It is therefore possible that the actual range is higher or lower than the distance stated on this website.

At the same time, the maximum capacity of the lithium battery is reduced after long-term use due to its characteristic.


Information about the battery

  • To avoid damage to the battery, only use the supplied charger for your electric scooter.

  • Charge the battery regularly and avoid deep discharge ("Deep Discharge"). For maximum battery life, keep the battery level between 20% and 80%.

  • Daily charging is recommended to ensure that your vehicle has full power and can be used at all times.

  • Do not use your electric scooter when the battery charge indicator shows only one bar.

  • The vehicles have a safe mode: when the battery is discharged, the maximum speed of the vehicle drops to ensure that the driver arrives at his/her destination.

  • The battery is sealed and is NOT intended to be serviced by users.

  • If the battery overheats (e.g. after a long distance), do not charge it immediately upon arrival. Wait at least 15 minutes before connecting the battery to the charger.

  • Li-on batteries cannot be adequately charged below freezing (0oC). When exposed to cold temperatures, battery life and efficiency will be reduced by 20-25%.

  • These values will return to normal once the battery has warmed up.

  • Storing a discharged battery can cause irreversible damage to the battery.

  • Avoid contact with sparks, open flames, cigarettes, etc. and ensure adequate ventilation when stored in a confined space.


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